Michelle's DIY Pitaya Bowl Recipe


Today on the blog we're sharing Michelle's favorite pitaya bowl recipe. It's the perfect summer morning breakfast that you can make at home. Different from an acai bowl, pitaya bowls are made with dragon fruit, which is full of antioxidants, can improve weight loss and helps prevent high blood pressure. If you're looking for a quick colorful pick-me-up in the morning, we've got you covered!

Below are the ingredients:

  • frozen banana
  • 4oz cranberry juice
  • dark chocolate granola protein bites
  • fresh black, blue and raspberries
  • frozen berries
  • dragon fruit smoothie pack
  • dollop of Nutella

To start, get your blender out and ready. Fill it with the cranberry juice, dragon fruit smoothie pack, frozen berries and frozen banana. Once you have the lid on tight, press the smoothie feature button until blended all the way. After that, pour the berry-colored contents into a bowl and add your toppings! Get creative and enjoy. 



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