"The Lauren" Poncho

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Look Fashionable With “The Lauren” Cable Knit Poncho Sweater

If you want the perfect sweater to keep you warm this fall while also looking stylish, the cable knit poncho sweater is perfect for trendsetters. You can pair this poncho with any accessory and look great no matter how cold it gets!.

Easy to Wear

Since this sweater is one size fits most, there’s no guesswork involved with choosing the perfect one! You’ll be able to choose your favorite color and wear it with all your outfits. It looks great with jeans, leggings, boots, or even your favorite fall dress. The colors are fall-themed and perfectly muted to help them look great with everything else you have for fall!

The cable knit style of the sweater is a trendy way to rock the knit style. Knitted outfits are in this fall and this cable knit poncho sweater fits in perfect with all adventures! It drapes around the body and lays nice so it fits any shape!