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Mini Birthstone Pendant

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Build your own with letters and stones! So many creative combinations for a customized look that makes the perfect gift. Mix and match the Mini Birthstone pendent with our Mini Love Letter and Pavé Love Letter necklace!
• Precious .925 sterling silver with anti-tarnish plating
• 6mm gemstone smooth round bezel
So many options for gifting and customization available!
GARNET - January, vitality, loyalty, protection
AMETHYST - February, sincerity, balance, peace
AQUA CHALCEDONY (Aquamarine) - March, courage, inner peace
CLEAR QUARTZ (Diamond) - April, bonding love, longevity
EMERALD - May, happiness, prosperity, protection
RAINBOW MOONSTONE - June, friendship
RUBY - July, passion, energy
PERIDOT - August, compassion, healing, harmony
SAPPHIRE - September, intuition, creative expression
PINK TOURMALINE - October, imagination, creativity
CITRINE - November, centering, grounding
AQUA QUARTZ (Zircon) - December, order, peace, expression